Half-A-Sawbuck Store(e)s

I wanted a way to publish my writing without going through a third party vendor.  After a year of trial and error, I have finally settled on a format that allows me to print my store(e)s and send them directly to you. I've priced them at half-a-sawbuck each ($5) which allows me to cover costs and spend more time focusing on the work.  Cecile is the first story in this collection.

Cecile Cover.JPG
Catherine Cornell.jpg


"Solitary repose was what Cecile enjoyed most about the home. Gone were the multitude of people and responsibilities, dulled by unrelated events, ushered through vignette after vignette of endless days. Children were disappointing, husbands were disappointing, even the few items that she treasured as unique, became as useless and un-glossy as an old weathered piano unable to connect mallet to string."

  Cecile is the story of a woman who transforms the world when she enters a nursing home and begins to paint without distractions.