Don’t Let Your Baby Look Old!

Your Baby May Act Their Age, But They Don’t Have to Look It

Your skin is the largest organ you’ve got. You wouldn’t settle for looking less than your youthful best, why would you want any less for your baby? Wrinkles, dry skin, second chins can sneak up on you before you know it. Don’t let your baby look any older than it has too. Below we present seven  tips to keep your fourteen  month old looking four months old and as good as new.  Remember a cosmetician’s advice is not to be given preference to a real doctor, so be sure to check with your pediatrician about what’s right for your baby before trying any of these yourself at home.

1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

As we age, our skin loses it’s elasticity, this can be compounded by dry skin caused by dehydration. Adults should get at least eight glasses of water a day, babies at least 3 (in a pinch, milk) . Hydration can help skin stay limber, elastic and supple.

2. Avocado paste

Harsh, caustic diaper rash treatments can irritate sensitive youthful skin.  Pamper your baby’s skin with more than, well, pampers. An Avocado  or other vegetable scrub applied twice daily unevenly across the face and body with hands or spoons can help exfoliate dead skin cells and replenish and encourage new skin growth. It’s easy to overlook, but no less important to do.

3. Beauty Rest

If we don’t get enough sleep, it starts to show first in our face, then in our posture, and our energy levels. You and your baby should be getting at least 12 hours a sleep a day for proper beauty levels. If you aren’t letting your child sleep at least 8-12 hours a night, you are a bad parent and need to make an adjustment to your approach. Try turning the television down to a more soothing level and refraining from playing raucous music after 9pm. In most cases this should do it.

4. Caffeine Eye Gel

Sleepless nights take their toll on us all and for those rare occasions when your baby isn’t sleeping like a, well, baby - this quick Hollywood fix-up may be called for.  Previously an expensive tool available to only famous hollywood babies named after fruits and minerals, JavaFace Roll-on Bags To Go™ Eye Stick can now be purchased at any major metropolitan cosmetics boutique for about $30 an ounce. Be careful not to get it IN the baby’s eye, or let them eat it, but gently apply this under their eyes and it causes puffy, baggy eyes to virtually disappear.  

5. One Size Up

Dress your baby one size up, so they look like they’re still growing into their clothes. If you can’t do this with their whole wardrobe, try to at least make sure the baby’s hat is too big for them and keeps falling off. This suggest a more youthful appearance. Having a lean budget is no excuse for letting your baby look old!

6. PlayDate Older

Don’t let your baby be photographed with younger babies, only let them play and be filmed playing with older babies, so they look younger by comparison.

7. Plan B

At some point your baby is going to start looking older and acting older in ways that are unavoidable, at which point the best thing to do is to have another baby with the same name and take this one out in public.  

    Annabella Oreksya, Annabella Oreksya has no children of her own, but no shortage of opinions.


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