THE ONCE OVER is Officially Published

Whether you know it or not, today is National Hug Your Hound Day.

To help honor this most sacred  and harmonious homosapien and canis familaris celebration, we are officially releasing THE ONCE OVER, the timeless tale of a children's book author who loses his way, loses his pet, and endures the burden of immediate success.  

Illustrated by Leif Fortlouis, and written by Patrick Michael Denny,  THE ONCE OVER  is a children's author's story about one way to overcome writer’s block.

For our first publishing run, we are being sold exclusively on and Apple's iBookstore.  The printed version lists at $9.99, and digital copies of the book can be purchased in the Apple iBookstoreand Amazon's Kindle Bookstore for $1.99.  

You can go to  for more information.  

Buying a copy of our book will not make you a better pet owner, but it will make " National Hug Your Hound Day" mean a little bit more to our canine friends everywhere.

 The Once Over is my first collaboration with Leif Fortlouis, a very talented illustrator who's been working with me for the past year on this project.  The story revolves around a children's book author who has hit a rough patch and is hounded by his editor to simplify his stories.  A tragedy involving his pet dog leads to the inspiration of his life, and a new book paves the way to extraordinary success.  Unfortunately, things become more complicated when our hero is forced to deal with a public that isn't satisfied with just one tale.

The Once Over  is now available on Amazon, Amazon Kindle,  Take a look and let me know what you think-   pmd